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Autopiano ART NOUVEAU Style Upright Piano

This instrument is one of the only true Art Nouveau style pianos still in existence anywhere in the world

$30,000 after total restoration
(not including applicable sales tax & shipping charges)
  • YEAR: 1910
  • FINISH: Honduran Mahogany
  • STATUS: Currently Undergoing Restoration
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At The Antique Piano Shop, we specialize in locating and restoring rare, one of a kind instruments. Over the years we have restored instruments of virtually every style and design, but this is the first true ART NOUVEAU style piano we have had in our collection!

Dating from about 1890 – 1910, the Art Nouveau movement was a rather short lived transitional period between the eclectic “Revival” styles of the Victorian era and Modernism. Art Nouveau is very unique in that it reflects aspects of nature, fluidity and movement. The Art Nouveau period gained most of its popularity in Europe and examples of Art Nouveau are rarely found in the United States. Today, examples of Art Nouveau pieces are quite scarce, even in Europe where the movement was most popular - American Art Nouveau pieces are virtually nonexistent.

Autopiano was one of the few American manufacturers to build rare and custom “Art-Case” style player pianos for their special clients. This piano would have likely been a custom order instrument for a wealthy client, specifically built in the Art Nouveau style, as this model does not appear in any of our standard Autopiano sales catalogs.

The Autopiano Company was one of the most successful manufacturers of player pianos in America. Their pianos were of very high quality and were sold in large numbers. This exceedingly rare Autopiano Art Nouveau piano built in New York in 1910 just before the end of the Art Nouveau movement. Reflecting the style and design of some of the finest European Art Nouveau furniture, this piano features beautifully executed hand-carved detail throughout. Note the beautifully detailed floral carvings and unobstructed fluid lines in the detailed moldings. This is not a piano one can simply go out and easily find – it is truly a special and irreplaceable piece.

This piano was originally built as a pneumatically operated player piano which uses perforated paper rolls and vacuum created by the pumping pedals in order to play itself. The instrument can be restored back to an original pneumatic player piano, or it can be equipped with modern computerized player mechanisms if preferred.


Autopiano Advertisement Beautiful color lithograph featuring the Autopiano player piano in the early 20th Century home, circa about 1920
Autopiano Arts & Crafts Player Piano Advertisements Advertisements Featuring The "Style S Mission Oak" Arts & Crafts Style Player Piano, Circa 1915
Autopiano Logo Popular Early 20th Century Autopiano Brand Logo
Autopiano Sales Catalog 1912

Early 20th Century Illustrated Autopiano Catalog, Circa 1912

Autopiano Sales Catalog 1917

Early 20th Century Illustrated Autopiano Catalog, Circa 1917


$25,000 After Total Restoration
1915 | Sold
$20,000 After Total Restoration
1908 | For Sale
$20,000 After Total Restoration
1907 | For Sale
$30,000 After Total Restoration
1910 | Sold