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D. L. Fry Rococo Style Victorian Concert Grand Piano

This Massive And Elaborate Piano Would Have Been The Ultimate Instrument For The Concert Stage In Victorian America

$75,000 after total restoration
(not including applicable sales tax & shipping charges)
For Sale
  • YEAR: 1875
  • LENGTH: 9 feet, 0 inches
  • FINISH: Brazilian Rosewood
  • STATUS: Currently Undergoing Restoration
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D. L. Fry is one of America's lesser known piano manufactures.  Fry's firm began building instruments in 1855, and they were known for building very high quality, expensive pianos.

During the height of the Victorian era, no expense was spared when it came to lavish entertainment.  Concert halls and theaters of the period were some of the most lavishly decorated buildings in history.  Attention was given to every last detail in order to ensure that patrons would enjoy a magical night of enchantment they would never forget.

This rare piano is one of the largest and most elaborate concert grand piano models built in Victorian America.  Instruments of this size were designed and built for the concert stage, and their power and volume is immense.  During this era there was no means of electronic amplification, so the thundering sound of this instrument would have been required to flow throughout a packed multistory auditorium on it's own!

Like the lavish decor of 19th Century theaters and auditoriums, this piano is built in the lavish Rococo Victorian design.  The instrument is made of Brazilian Rosewood (now an endangered species).  The legs on the instrument are substantial, yet the attention to carved detail makes these beautiful Rococo legs appear formal and elegant.   Note the elaborately carved triple scalloping around the entire cabinet, giving the instrument an overall formal yet elegant appearance.  The music rack is beautifully executed with exquisite filigree and carving.

This piano is being restored to like new condition, inside and out, making it ideal for some grand estate mansion or period auditorium.

An original matching carved piano stool is included.

If desired, this piano can be equipped with the Pianomation player system, and can play by itself by streaming music live on an iPod, computer, iPad, etc.


D. L. Fry Advertisement 19th Century Advertisement For D. L. Fry & Company, Circa 1875


$75,000 After Total Restoration
1875 | For Sale