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Mehlin "Viola" Model Parlor Grand Piano

Very Unusual Mehlin Square Tail "Viola" Model Parlor Grand Piano In Empire Mahogany

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  • YEAR: 1903
  • LENGTH: 5 feet, 8 inches
  • FINISH: Mahogany
  • STATUS: Restored
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This beautiful piano was built by the prestigious Paul G. Mehlin Piano Company in 1903. This piano is a unique Empire style cabinet with massive fluted legs and carved music rack. Note the unique design of the tail of this piano. Mehlin called this the "Viola" model, and the square tail design allowed a significantly larger amount of the resonating soundboard area which makes this piano sound much larger than it actually is. This "Viola" model is exceedingly rare, and only a few were ever made. A matching bench is included. This piano can be equipped with computerized player mechanisms if desired.


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$13,500 After Total Restoration
1903 | Sold
$12,000 After Total Restoration
1899 | For Sale
$25,000 After Total Restoration
1907 | For Sale
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1931 | For Sale