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Hallet & Davis Reproducing Upright Player Piano

Very Rare Hallet & Davis Reproducing Player Piano

$18,000 after total restoration
(not including applicable sales tax & shipping charges)
  • YEAR: 1927
  • FINISH: Mahogany
  • STATUS: Pending Restoration
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Hallet & Davis was known for building some of the most durable, high quality pianos of the early 20th Century. This is one of their rare “Angelus” model reproducing player pianos in upright form – most of these pianos were baby grand and grand pianos. A reproducing player piano is different from an ordinary player piano because the rolls have extra perforations in them that allow the piano to play with expression, thus “reproducing” a live performance.

This piano is electric, as most reproducing player pianos were made, and not foot pumped like ordinary home-model player pianos. It is in a stately, somewhat handsome mahogany cabinet that will be stunning after restoration. This is one of the most well preserved original player pianos we have ever seen, and it is sure to be an amazing instrument after restoration. An original bench is included.


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1843 | For Sale
$18,000 After Total Restoration
1927 | Sold
$28,000 After Total Restoration
1867 | For Sale