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Steck Duo-Art Upright Player Piano

Unusual Pedal Operated George Steck Duo-Art Upright Piano In Walnut Cabinet

$18,000 after total restoration
(not including applicable sales tax & shipping charges)
  • YEAR: 1926
  • FINISH: Walnut
  • STATUS: Pending Restoration
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This is an unusual model George Steck Duo-Art Reproducing Player Piano. The Duo-Art Reproducing Piano was a specialized type of player piano that played with expression like a real person. Most player pianos rely on the person sitting at the piano to control the speed and dynamics, while a reproducing player piano has a lot of extra perforations in the music roll that control all dynamics from within, hence “reproducing” a live performance.

What makes it a bit unusual is the fact that the instrument is foot pumped manually rather than electric. Most reproducing player pianos were very advanced and generally they were equipped with early electric motors to create the vacuum. Ordinary home player pianos were generally equipped with the manual foot-pumping mechanisms. Foot-pumped reproducing pianos are scarce today, indicating that few of them were actually built.

This piano is made of beautiful book-matched walnut, and is of the traditional style. It will be completely restored to like new condition inside and out, and by all indications should be about the best quality upright player piano available post restoration. A matching walnut bench is included.


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$18,000 After Total Restoration
1926 | Sold
$30,000 After Total Restoration
1885 | For Sale
$45,000 After Total Restoration
1922 | For Sale
$35,000 After Total Restoration
1868 | For Sale