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Timothy Gilbert Cocked Hat Grand Piano

Timothy Gilbert was an innovator in piano design and evolution, building a number of "Cocked Hat" grand pianos and square grand pianos.

$45,000 after total restoration
(not including applicable sales tax & shipping charges)
For Sale
  • YEAR: 1851
  • LENGTH: 6 feet, 1 inches
  • FINISH: Rosewood
  • STATUS: Pending Restoration
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Today's traditional Grand Piano was patterned after the Harpsichord, and the Square Grand Piano was patterned after the Clavichord. The "Cocked Hat" Grand Piano is basically a Piano that was patterned after the shape and overall design of the Spinet. Mechanically they are designed and built the same as the 19th Century Square Grand Piano, but their shape and stringing pattern is very different. Rather than being strung from front to back (as in a Grand Piano) or from side to side (as in a Square Grand Piano), Cocked Hat Pianos have the strings fanned out in an unusual angle that could almost be described as diagonal.

This Timothy Gilbert Cocked Hat square grand piano is only one of two Cocked Hat square pianos we have seen in the past 15 years. It is made of beautifully carved Brazilian Rosewood and is of the Rococo Victorian style. Note the beautiful ivory keyboard which is in perfect condition. This piano will be restored to perfection inside and out, and an original matching stool is included.


T. Gilbert Advertisements 19th Century Advertisements Featuring Pianos By Timothy Gilbert
T. Gilbert Sales Flyer Timothy Gilbert Sales Flyer featuring Square Grand and Cocked Hat Grand Pianos, circa about 1850


$45,000 After Total Restoration
1851 | For Sale
$45,000 After Total Restoration
1851 | For Sale
$55,000 After Total Restoration
1850 | For Sale