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Stieff Victorian Upright Piano

Charles M. Stieff Pianos Were Often Sold As "The Poor Man's Steinway", And Were Sold Along Side Steinway Pianos As An Affordable Alternative To The Costlier Brand.

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  • YEAR: 1892
  • FINISH: Mahogany
  • STATUS: Restored
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This beautiful upright piano was made by the Charles M. Stieff Piano Company of Baltimore, MD. Stieff built exceptional pianos from about 1842-1942. Stieff has often been referred to as "The Poor Man's Steinway" by piano rebuilders and tuners. This is due to the fact that Stieff built amazing pianos that were often praised by Steinway as being a leading competitor at the turn of the century. This piano is made of a beautiful mahogany wood, and has a stunning wood grain. It has beautifully carved and fluted legs, and a very elegant carved music rack. This piano has an original ivory keyboard, and is sold with a matching stool This piano can be equipped with computerized player mechanisms if desired.


19th Century Stieff Advertisements 19th Century Advertisements For The Charles M. Stieff Piano Company
20th Century Stieff Advertisements 20th Century Advertisements For The Charles M. Stieff Piano Company
Charles M. Stieff Pamphlet Early 20th Century sales pamphlet from the Charles M. Stieff Piano Company, Circa 1908
Charles M. Stieff Sales Catalog Charles M. Stieff Illustrated Sales Catalog, Circa 1915


$45,000 After Total Restoration
1876 | For Sale
$30,000 After Total Restoration
1870 | For Sale
1892 | Sold