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Cable Euphona Player Piano

Cable-Euphona "Inner Player" brand player piano in brown mahogany

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  • YEAR: 1914
  • FINISH: Mahogany
  • STATUS: Restored
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The Cable Piano Company built exceptional pianos during the early part of the 20th Century. Their top-of-the-line player pianos were called the "Cable Euphona Inner Player", and they were built from about 1907-1929, being discontinued due to the Great Depression.


This piano is made of Mission style brown mahogany wood, and has been restored to like new condition inside and out. These restored player pianos pump with such ease that they can be played with only one foot. This piano has also been equipped with an electric pump so it can play without pumping manually if desired. Note that thousands of new music rolls are still being made for these player pianos today! The original matching bench is included.


Cable Advertisement Early 20th Century Advertisement for the Cable Piano Company, circa 1910
Cable Advertisements 1910 Early 20thCentury Advertisement For The Cable Piano Company, Circa 1910
Cable Euphona Player Piano Catalog Cable Euphona "Inner Player" Piano Sales Catalog, Circa 1925
Cable Midget Upright Piano Catalog Cable "Midget Upright" Piano Sales Catalog, Circa 1925
Cable Upright Piano Catalog Cable Upright Piano Sales Catalog, Circa 1925


1914 | Sold
$13,000 After Total Restoration
1892 | Sold