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Acoustigrande Apartment Size Baby Grand Piano

Tiny Acoustigrande Apartment Size Baby Grand Piano, Built By Chickering Brothers Piano Company.

$15,000 after total restoration
(not including applicable sales tax & shipping charges)
  • YEAR: 1915
  • LENGTH: 4 feet, 5 inches
  • FINISH: Mahogany
  • STATUS: Currently Undergoing Restoration
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This is a lovely Acoustigrande baby grand piano built by Chickering Brothers in 1915. These Acoustigrande pianos were very well known due to their small size and amazing tone quality. Measuring only 4’5” long, this tiny little piano sounds like a piano of much larger size. Note the unusual square back shape and attractive style double legs. This piano is made of brown Mahogany wood, and will be stunning after restoration. Computerized player mechanisms can be installed if desired.


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$15,000 After Total Restoration
1915 | Sold