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The Wheelock Piano Company was originally established in 1873 as the firm Billings & Wheelock. In 1877, Billings & Wheelock was dissolved and Wheelock started building pianos under his own name. In 1880, he incorporated his firm as William E. Wheelock & Company, building excellent pianos with huge success. In 1886, Wheelock started to build a line of pianos under the name of 'Stuyvesant', a brand that was successfully manufactured for several decades. After the death of Albert Weber, Wheelock bought control of the Weber Piano Company with partners Charles Lawson and John Mason. After the turn-of-the-century, Wheelock and Weber became part of the huge Aeolian Piano conglomerate, and the Wheelock name was produced until the World War 2 era.


Wheelock Catalog 1900 Turn-of-the-century illustrated sales catalog for the Wheelock Piano Company, circa 1900
Wheelock Trade Card Late 19th Century full color trade card for the Wheelock Piano Company


$28,000 After Total Restoration
1882 | For Sale