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Weser Brothers
The Weser Brothers Piano Company was established by brothers John A. Weser and W.S. Weser in 1879 in New York City. The firm was known for building high quality pianos, and their manufacturing facilities were capable of substantial production. During the early 20th Century, Weser Brothers specialized in building high quality player pianos, although they did build a smaller number of conventional upright and grand pianos as well. In addition to the Weser Brothers brand name, the firm produced pianos under the names of Weser, Billings & Co., Coloniet, Marveola, Re-Rendo, Orpheola, and Winfield. The height of their success was the 1920’s era, but the firm began to decline before 1930. After about 1930, Weser became affiliated with several larger, more substantial names including Kohler & Campbell, Story & Clark and Winter. These companies produced the Weser name until the World War 2 era.

Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

20th Century Weser Brothers Advertisements
Early 20 Century Advertisements For Weser Brothers Player Pianos
19th Century Weser Brothers Advertisements
19th Century Advertisements For Weser Brothers Piano Company
Weser Brothers Piano Catalog 1926
Weser Brothers Piano & Player Sales Catalog, Circa 1926