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Weber (Ontario, Canada)
The Weber Piano Company of Kingston, Ontario (not to be confused with Weber of New York) was originally founded by John C. Fox in 1862. John C. Fox is listed as starting his piano business in the 1850s in New York City. In 1860, Fox is listed as building pianos at 86 Walker Street. John C. Fox had a very good reputation for building high quality pianos in New York City. In about 1862 he moved his business to Kingston, Ontario. His firm manufactured pianos in Canada. In 1865, George M. Weber joined the firm, and then took full ownership in 1869 changing the name of the firm to Weber Piano Company. In 1896, William Wormwith was admitted into partnership. In 1907, the firm’s name was changed to ‘Wormwith & Company’, and pianos were built under the names of both ‘Weber’ and ‘Wormwith’. In 1919, a gentleman by the name of Henry Richardson bought controlling interest in the company and changed the name of the firm to ‘Weber Piano Company, Ltd.’. In 1939, the Lesage Piano Company purchased the assets of Weber Piano Company, Ltd, and continued to build pianos under the ‘Weber’ and ‘Wormwith’ names until about 1961.

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19th Century Advertisement for Weber Piano Company