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SEE ALSO: YORK, LIVINGSTON. The Weaver Piano & Organ Company was established in York, Pennsylvania in 1870. They built a full line of reed organs and chapel organs, slowly phasing out organs and increasing piano production as the turn-of-the-century approached. Weaver built several popular brand names including Livingston, York, Lincoln, and Davies & Sons. After the Great Depression era, Weaver built a line of spinet, console and baby grand pianos that remained popular for several decades. The Weaver Piano & Organ Company was out of business by the late 1950s. The extant Weaver instruments we have seen come through our restoration shop have been very well made pianos, indicating that Weaver built a higher grade of instrument.

Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Weaver Organ Catalog 1900
20th Century Sales Flyer for Weaver Organ & Piano Company, Circa 1900
Weaver Piano Catalog 1910
Weaver Illustrated Sales Catalog Featuring Weaver, Livingston and York Brand Pianos And Player Pianos, Circa 1910
Weaver Piano Brochure 1920
Weaver Piano Company Illustrated Brochure, Circa 1920
Weaver Piano Catalog 1923
Weaver Piano Company Illustrated Sales Catalog, Circa 1923
Weaver Piano Advertisement
Period Piano Advertisement From The Weaver Piano & Organ Company, York, PA

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