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The Waltham Piano Company was established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1885. The firm was incorporated in 1906. Waltham was known for building exceptionally well made pianos, with an emphasis on musical quality over aesthetics. Waltham's player piano line was especially impressive, as they incorporated many highly innovated design techniques into their player pianos that were usually only found in higher quality conventional pianos. The Waltham Piano Company built several names including Warfield, Waltham, Wilson, Electotone, Kilbourne, Auburn, Lincoln, Shorewood, and Oakland. In their last years, Waltham became part of the Netzow Piano Company before being discontinued in 1931 due to the Great Depression.


Waltham Pianos and Player Pianos Price List

Early 20th Century Waltham Piano Company Price List, Circa 1916

Waltham Advertisements Early 20th Century Waltham Piano Advertisements, Circa 1922


$17,000 After Total Restoration
1929 | Sold