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    United States Piano & Organ Co. (New York)

    The United States Piano Company was started by Adoniram Judson Fullam in 1868 in Springfield, Vermont. As the firm grew, it was soon moved to New York City where it enjoyed much success. The firm specialized in building higher grade square grand pianos which were built for larger retailers and sold under the retailer's name. In about 1879, the name was changed to United States Piano & Organ Company, and organs were incorporated into their product line. Their first NY factory was located at 645 Broadway, New York City. As the firm grew and expanded they changed factory locations several times, ultimately relocating to 163 Bleeker Street by the early 1880s. Since the firm specialized in square grand pianos, they began to suffer as the popularity of the square grand diminished. The firm added a limited number of upright pianos to their product line, but this was not enough to keep them solvent. Unable to compete effectively in the market, The United States Piano & Organ Company was out of business before 1890, by which time the square grand piano had become all but obsolete. Special Thanks to Ms. Heather Fullam for sharing much of this important family genealogical information