The Trayser Piano Company was established in 1849 by George L. Trayser in Indianapolis, Indiana. The firm specialized in square grand pianos and reed organs in the early years, earning a good reputation for building very well made instruments. In about 1869, Trayser opened a new factory in Ripley, Ohio. From about 1869 until about 1871, Trayser entered into a partnership with retailer J. A. Skiff of Cincinnati, and pianos were sold under the name of 'Skiff & Trayser' as well as 'Trayser'. In 1872, brothers James and Benjamin Starr bought controlling interest in the firm and moved the company to Richmond, Indiana. In 1878, George Trayser retired and Milo J. Chase joined the firm, changing the name of the firm to Chase Piano Company. By 1884, the Starr brothers had gained complete control of the firm and changed the name to the Starr Piano Company. Starr continued to be one of the most successful piano manufacturers of the late 19th and 20th Centuries, and they continued to build pianos under the Trayser name until about World War 2.


Trayser Piano Advertisements 19th Century Advertisements For The Trayser Piano Company, Circa About 1876
Skiff & Trayser Advertisement 19th Century Advertisement For Skiff & Trayser, Cincinnati, Ohio