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Stodart & Dunham

One of the most illustrious 19th Century American piano manufacturing companies was the company that included Adam Stodart, J.B. Dunham, and Horatio Worcester. In about 1834, the firm was first established at Stodart, Worcester & Dunham. Prior to 1836, Adam Stodart had been building pianos under his own name. Shortly after 1836, Stodart and Worcester withdrew, leaving Dunham as head of the firm. Dunham continued to build pianos under the names of 'Stodart', 'Dunham', and 'Stodart & Dunham' until about 1867, at which time Dunham's son joined the firm and the name was changed to 'Dunham & Son'. Worcester also continued to build pianos under his own name during the middle 19th Century after leaving the firm. During the 19th Century, these men built primarily square grand pianos. We have seen a handful of these instruments come through our shop over the years, and they are of excellent quality. Any instruments by the makers listed here are of museum caliber and deserve the finest restoration and preservation available.


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$25,000 After Total Restoration
1839 | Sold