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Steger & Sons

The Steger Piano Company was established in 1879 by John V. Steger. In 1892 the company was incorporated as The Steger & Sons Piano Manufacturing Company. John Steger left Chicago and founded the nearby town of Steger, Illinois, in order to establish the Steger piano factory there. Steger & Sons were known for building very good pianos, and they prospered for several decades. The firm produced pianos under the brand names of Steger & Company, Mellostrello, Crest, Thompson, Singer, and Artemis. Steger & Sons continued to build pianos until about 1959.


Steger Advertisements Early 20th Century advertisements for the Steger & Sons Piano Company


$20,000 After Total Restoration
1922 | For Sale
$15,000 After Total Restoration
1911 | For Sale