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    The P. A. Starck Piano was established in 1891 by P.A. Starck in Chicago. Their factory was located at Ashland Avenue and 39th Street, with warerooms and general offices at 204-206 Wabash Avenue. P. A. Starck was known for building extremely high quality pianos, and they offered a full line of uprights, baby grands, and player pianos. By the 1920's, the firm was being managed and controlled by P.T. Starck, son of P.A. Starck. The firm sold pianos under the brand names of Starck, P.A. Starck, Starck & Strack, Starckette, Combinette, Kenmore, and Brent. P. A. Stark was one of the few American piano manufacturers to survive the Great Depression without merging with a larger conglomerate. In 1956, Stark started building pianos for the Jesse French Piano Company. The firm went out of business in about 1965.