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Spang, Xavier

Xavier Spang was a very successful organ and melodeon builder in Syracuse, New York during the mid-19th Century era. Spang is first listed as building melodeons in 1860 at 64 -66 North Salina Street, Syracuse. His son, Rupert Spang, was also very active in the firm. Due to their success and superb reputation, the firm expanded to a larger factory on Noxon Street in 1874. In 1881, Xavier Spang went into partnership with a gentleman by the name of Mertens, and the name of the firm was changed to 'Spang & Mertens' . The partnership was relatively short-lived, and Xavier Spang was once again building instruments under his own name be 1886. Xavier Spang also built organs under the name of 'The Cabinet Organ Company'. There is no mention after 1890, indicating that Spang was out of business before the turn-of-the-century.


Xavier Spang Advertisement 19th Century Advertisement For Xavier Spang, Builder Of Organs & Melodeons, Syracuse, NY