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The Schumann Piano Company was established in 1847 in Illinois. Their early success and quick growth forced them to move to larger factories in Rockford, Illinois in 1903. Schumann built a full line of uprights, player pianos and baby grands, and they were quite popular in the early 20th Century. After the Great Depression, Schumann was sold to the Estey Piano Company, then later to Kimball. Today the Schumann name is still being produced in a line of Asian-imported pianos.


Schumann Catalog 1902

Early 20th Century Schumann Piano Co. catalog, Circa 1902.

Schumann Catalog 1930 Illustrated sales catalog for Schumann Piano Company, circa 1930
Schumann Advertisement Rare Arts & Crafts style upright piano by the Schumann Piano Company, circa about 1908


$18,500 After Total Restoration
1911 | For Sale
$11,000 After Total Restoration
1918 | Sold