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    The Schomacker Piano Company was one of Philadelphia's earlier and more successful piano manufacturers. Established in 1838, the firm built pianos well over a century. During the earlier 19th Century, Schomacker specialized in higher-end square grand pianos, but by about 1850 they were manufacturing a line of parlor grand pianos and uprights. Their pianos were built with heavy German design influence, likely a result of Schomacker's roots. Most Schomacker pianos were exceedingly well made and very expensive, and they were marketed toward the 'upper crust' of Victorian society. They were often very elaborate, boasting some of the finest craftsmanship in the industry. Schomacker was one of the few American piano manufacturers to survive the Great Depression independently without being absorbed into a larger conglomerate. Sadly, the firm went out of business with the onset of World War 2 in the early 1940's.