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Schimmel & Nelson
The Schimmel Piano Company of Germany is one of the world’s oldest and finest piano builders, and they are just about the best pianos being built today. Schimmel began building pianos in Germany in 1885, and they have consistently built pianos since then. In 1890, Fredolin Schimmel, a member of the famous Schimmel piano family, moved to New York with plans to open his own piano factory. F. Schimmel first worked at the illustrious Mehlin Piano Factory, then the Bush & Gerts Piano Factory. In 1893, F. Schimmell moved to Faribault, MN, and immediately entered into a partnership with a gentleman by the name of Nelson to form the firm of ‘Schimmel & Nelson’. Schimmel & Nelson was known for building exceptionally well made, expensive pianos and the firm enjoyed good success. Schimmel & Nelson, however, was never on the huge scale that most piano makers were during the last part of the 19th Century, and they only produced a modest number of pianos. In 1897, the partnership ended and Fredolin Schimmel began building pianos under the name of ‘Schimmel & Company’ in Faribault. to open an American Schimmel Piano Company in Faribault, MN. F. Schimmel continued his company of Schimmel & Company until going out of business around 1912. Pianos by Schimmel & Nelson and Schimmel & Company are exceedingly rare today.

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Schimmel & Nelson Article
Early 20th Century Newpaper Article for Schimmel & Nelson/Schimmel & Company, Circa 1907

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In the late 19th Century, a member of the famous German Schimmel piano building family came to America and built high quality pianos for several years in Fairbault, MN. These pianos reflected the amazing quality of their German cousins.