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19th Century Boston was home to some of the finest piano manufacturers in history. Many of the old-world craftsmen settled in and around Boston, and were able to utilize their amazing skills in the city's bustling piano building industry. The Poole Piano Company was one of those renowned Boston makers. Established by William H. Poole in 1893, the Poole Piano Company built high quality, expensive pianos for over a century. In 1917, the firm was incorporated by William Poole's son, Ava W. Poole. The firm was affiliated with the famous Ivers & Pond Piano Company of Boston, and they shared many of the same craftsmen and facilities. In the mid-20th Century, the Poole name was absorbed into the giant Aeolian-American Corporation, and Aeolian continued to build the Poole name until they went out of business in 1982.


Poole Advertisement Early 20th Century Poole Piano Company Sales Advertisment, Circa 1910


$18,000 After Total Restoration
1900 | For Sale
$16,500 After Total Restoration
1912 | Sold
$14,500 After Total Restoration
1914 | Sold