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Playwell Piano Company

The 'Playwell Piano Company' was a line of upright pianos, grand pianos, and player pianos that were sold through the large Belknap Hardware & Manufacturing Company of Louisville, Kentucky during the last part of the 19th and first part of the 20th Century. The Belknap Hardware & Manufacturing Company was a chain of large dry-goods stores across the region, selling everything from revolvers to cook-stoves to pianos. Belknap sold pianos under both the names of 'Playwell' and 'Playwell – Grande'. "Playwell" and "Playwell – Grande" pianos were not actually manufactured by The Belknap Hardware & Manufacturing Company, but were contracted by Belknap to several piano manufacturers across the country to build pianos which were affixed with the Playwell label. There is very little information about Playwell pianos available, but the extant Playwell pianos we have seen come through our shop have generally been very well made pianos by some of America's better makers.


Playwell Advertisement Early 20th Century Advertisement For The Playwell Piano Company, Louisville, KY