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    Perlman, H.W.

    Harry W. Perlman built pianos from about 1898 until about 1935. Their factories were located at 345 Grand Avenue, New York City. Perlman built a modest number of pianos before he changed the name of his business to the National Piano Corporation when his son, I.W. Perlman, joined the business. The business was run out of the office located at 345 Grand Avenue, New York City, while the pianos were built at 54 Canal Street, New York City. Before the business closed around 1958 it helped the United States by making gun stocks for the Army, built spinits and uprights under the name of Shoninger, and even sold pianos to Sears. Perlman had about 40 Italian cabinet makers helping him build the pianos, and judging from the handful of Perlman pianos we have restored, they seem to have been very well made pianos overall.