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Otis, Dwight P.
Dwight P. Otis is first listed as a partner with Edward Bloomfield in the ‘Bloomfield & Otis Piano Company’. The Bloomfield & Otis Piano Company built a full line of upright pianos and square grand pianos, winning several awards and gaining recognition for building quality, well made instruments. The Bloomfield & Otis firm was dissolved in 1877, and Otis advertised himself as the ‘successor and manufacturer of the Bloomfield & Otis Piano-Forte’. After 1877, Dwight Otis continued building pianos under his own name, many of which were labeled as ‘D. Otis & Company’. There is no mention of Dwight Otis being active in the piano industry after about 1880.

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D. Otis & Company Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For D. Otis & Company, New York