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    Octavius Newcombe was originally a partner in the Mason & Risch Piano Company of Toronto. Mason & Risch was established in 1871 with the partnership of Newcombe with Thomas G. Mason and Vincent Rich. For a brief period during the late 19th Century, instruments were produced under the Mason, Risch & Newcombe brand name. Before 1880, Newcombe had left the firm to build pianos and organs under his own name. The Newcombe Piano Company was established in 1878 as the Octavius Newcombe Piano Company. In 1900, the name of the company was changed to The Newcombe Piano Company. Newcombe built very high quality, durable pianos and player pianos which were mainly distributed throughout Canada. The Newcombe factory burned in 1926, and production stopped. The Newcombe name was purchased by Willis & Company of Montreal, and they continued to build pianos under the Newcombe name until 1960.