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The Mendelssohn Piano Company was originally established in the 1870's in McKeesport, PA before moving to New York. Around the turn-of-the-century, Mendelssohn Piano Company was purchased by the large Sterling Piano & Organ Company of Derby, CT. The Sterling Piano Company built several different piano names including Mendelssohn, Huntington, Goetz & Co., Richardson and Lohmann. After the Great Depression, Sterling merged with the Winter Piano Company, and the Mendelssohn name was produced until the 1960s. The Mendelssohn name is again being produced today on Asian import pianos.


19th Century Mendelssohn Piano Advertisement Late 19th Century Piano Advertisement For The Mendelssohn Company Of New York
19th Century Mendelssohn Organ Advertisements Late 19th Century Organ Advertisement For The Mendelssohn Company, New York