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    The McCammon Piano Company was one of the finer builders of high-grade pianos in the 19th Century era. In about 1832, S. McCammon established the McCammon Piano Company in Albany, New York, shortly thereafter opening an additional facctory in Oneonta, New York. The company was controlled by several generations of successful McCammon heirs, and they enjoyed a reputation of good quality and durability. During the middle to late 19th Century, McCammon built a full line of square grand pianos, slowly incorporating uprights and grands into their line after the Civil War era. The firm was incorporated by William McCammon in about 1863, then taken over by Edward McCammon in 1878. Sometime during this era, McCammon took control of the prominent Boardman & Gray Piano Company of Albany. In 1890, the firm's name was changed to 'McCammon Pianoforte Company'. By this time, they had discontinued their line of square grand pianos in favor of more popular upright and grand pianos. Over the course of it's history, the firm built pianos under the names of McCammon, William McCammon, Edward McCammon and McCammon Pianoforte Company. In the early 20th Century the firm was purchased by William Tonk, and there seems to have been very little production by the firm after about 1910.