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SEE ALSO: WEAVER, YORK. The Livingston Piano Company was an active maker in the American piano industry from the 1900-1930 period. It appears that Livingston built more player pianos than anything, although we have seen a handful of their traditional upright and baby grand pianos over the years. The Livingston name was controlled and manufactured by the large Weaver Piano & Organ Company, and their factories were located in York, PA. Livingston pianos were primarily sold through mail order catalogs, and they were distributed all over the United States and Canada. The extent Livingston instruments we have seen come through our shop have consistently been very well made pianos and are a pleasure to restore.


Weaver/Livingston Illustrated Piano Catalog 1910

Weaver Illustrated Sales Catalog Featuring Weaver, Livingston and York Brand Pianos And Player Pianos, Circa 1910


$15,000 After Total Restoration
1928 | For Sale