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(SEE ALSO: CYCLOID) Established in 1836, Lindeman & Sons was one of the first piano factories in the United States. They built a large number of square grand pianos throughout the 19th Century, and they enjoyed an excellent reputation for quality and workmanship. During the Mid-19th Century, they introduced a peculiar piano called the 'Cycloid Grand'. Their Cycloid Grand was mainly produced during the post Civil War era, and was actually based on a square grand piano with a rounded back sitting on three legs. It seems that there was a great deal of promotion and advertisement for the Lindeman Cycloid Grand Piano during the mid to late 19th Century, as well as a great many professional endorsements by high-profile pianists, musicians, and singers of the era. During the 1880's, Lindeman phased out production of their square grand and Cycloid grand pianos, as sales of their upright and grand models were becoming more popular with the general public. After the turn-of-the-century, Lindeman was building a full line of uprights, player pianos, and grand pianos. After the Great Depression they became part of the Aeolian-American Corporation, with the Lindeman brand being produced until about 1950.


Lindeman & Sons Catalog 1880 Illustrated sales catalog for Lindeman & Sons Piano Company, Circa 1880
Lindeman Advertisement Early 20th Century advertisement for Lindman & Sons, endorsed by John Wanamaker.
Cycloid Piano Advertisements 19th Century Advertisements For The Lindeman Cycloid Piano, Circa About 1865
Lindeman Cycloid Newspaper Article 19th Century Newspaper Article Featuring The Lindeman Cycloid Piano, Circa 1865
Lindeman & Sons Catalog 1888 Illustrated sales catalog for Lindeman & Sons Piano Company, Circa 1888


$35,000 After Total Restoration
1864 | For Sale
$35,000 After Total Restoration
1874 | Sold
$35,000 After Total Restoration
1867 | Sold