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    Lehr, H.

    In 1890, Horace Lehr established the H. Lehr Piano & Organ Company in Easton, PA. In the first decade, H. Lehr built a large number of Victorian parlor organs as well as pianos. Their instruments were often very elaborate and expensive, and they were known for being extremely well made. After the turn-of-the-century, H. Lehr saw the continued decline in the parlor organ market. Lehr was one of the first to manufacture and market the 'piano cased organ', which was essentially a parlor organ in an upright piano cabinet. It was believed that these piano cased organs would revive the parlor organ market, but in reality, they were very unsuccessful. By 1910, H. Lehr had discontinued organs and increased piano production. In addition to the H. Lehr brand name, the firm also manufactured pianos under the 'Lafayette' brand name. Lehr went out of business with the onset of the Great Depression.