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The Leckerling Piano Company was established in 1886 by Mr. William Leckerling in New York.  The Leckerling factory and offices were located at 1086 – 1088 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.   The Leckerling firm was a smaller manufacturer compared to other New York firms and they specialized in building a smaller variety of better made upright pianos. 


After the turn of the 20th Century, Leckerling was absorbed into the larger Wissner Piano Company and small grand pianos and player pianos were added to the Leckerling product line.  The Leckerling name was discontinued with the demise of Wissner due to the onset of World War 2.


The extent Leckerling pianos that have come through our restoration shop have been of consistently good quality and craftsmanship overall.


Leckerling Piano Catalog 1895

Rare 19th Century Illustrated Sales Catalog For The Leckerling Piano Company, Circa 1895