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    The Krell Piano Company was established by Albert Krell and his sons Alexander and Albert, Jr., in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1889. Alexander Krell died in 1895, and Albert Sr. died in 1900, leaving Albert Krell Jr. to run operations.

    Albert went into partnership with Jesse French to create the Krell-French Piano Company of Springfield, Ohio, but their factory was destroyed by fire soon after. Pianos continued to be made under the name 'Krell' and 'Krell-French'. In 1905 Albert left Krell-French to start the Auto-Grand Piano Company in Connersville, Indiana. The Krell name continued to be produced until about 1950. The few extant Krell pianos that we have seen come through our shop have been of very good quality, indicating that Krell produced a higher grade piano than average.