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The D.W. Karn Piano & Organ Company was one of the largest and most prestigious piano and organ manufacturers in Canadian history. They were known for building extremely high quality, durable instruments that were distributed in Canada and the United States as well as Great Britan. The company was originally established as "Miller & Karn" in 1867, and the name was changed to "D.W. Karn Piano & Organ Company" in 1873. Their factories were located in Woodstock, Ontario. In 1909, Karn went into partnership with the Morris Piano Company of Listowel, Ontario and built pianos and organs under the name of "Karn - Morris Piano & Organ Company, Ltd." Karn-Morris had several retail showrooms in The United Kingdom as well as America and Canada. In 1924, Sherlock Manning bought the Karn firm and produced pianos under the Karn name until 1961. All of the Karn instruments we have seen come through our shop have been consistently superior instruments, well worth restoration.


D.W. Karn Piano & Organ Advertisements Early 20th Century D.W. Karn Piano & Organ Advertisements, Circa About 1905
Karn - Morris Organ Advertisements 19th Century Advertisements For The Karn-Morris Piano & Organ Company


$22,000 After Total Restoration
1915 | For Sale
$14,000 After Total Restoration
1893 | Sold
$7,500 After Total Restoration
1883 | Sold