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The Ibach Piano Company is estimated to be the oldest family owned piano company still on operation. It was originally established in Germany in 1794 by Johannes Adolph. At first the company was known as “Ibach Piano & Organ Manufactueres” until 1839 when Adolph Ibach retired and his sons Carl Rudolf and Richard took control of the firm. Two additional brothers were active in the firm as well during this time, Adolph Jun and Gustav. The company split into two separate firms in 1869 – one division was an organ company, the other division a piano company. The Piano Company went on to be known as the Rud. Ibach Sohn Piano Company. Instrument by Ibach are of superior quality and are highly celebrated throughout Europe. Although Ibach pianos are rare here in the United States, they are consistently some of the finest European instruments we see come through our shop.

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Ibach Piano Advertisement
Late 19th Century Advertisement for the Ibach Piano Company