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    Howard, R.S.

    The R.S. Howard Piano Company (not to be confused with the Howard [Baldwin] Piano Company) was established in 1902 in New York City. New York’s piano industry was that of fierce competition, and R. S. Howard carved out a very specialize niche for themselves by becoming one of the largest exporters of pianos to Central and South America. R.S. Howard’s claim was that their pianos were so well made that their instruments would thrive in the harsh climate of Latin America – a claim that must have been true due to their hugely successful export business. Today, instruments by R. S. Howard are often found, amazingly still in good condition, across Central and South America. R.S. Howard are not as commonly encountered here in North America. In the 1920s, R. S. Howard sold out to the Janssen Piano Company of New York. Janssen continued to build pianos under the R. S. Howard brand name until just before the World War 2 era.