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Homolak, Simon

Simon Homolak (also sometimes labeled as Homolack) was born in 1808, presumably in Vienna, Austria. Homolak was listed as a piano builder at was auf der Weiden 809, Vienna. There is very little historical information available about Simon Homolak, but it is suggested that this was one of several smaller family owned firms that were once popular throughout Austria. Known as the musical capital of the world, Vienna had a number of small, family owned firms which built a modest number of high quality instruments. We find that these obscure instruments were built with exceptional pride and craftsmanship. Only the best was good enough to be labeled with the family name. Sadly, very little (if any) history about these small Viennese firms has survived over the years.

Simon Homolak died in 1837, having lived only 29 short years.


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