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Haines Brothers

Haines Brothers Piano Company was established in 1851 by Napoleon J. Haines and his brother Francis W. Haines in New York City. For the first 20 years, they built a nice selection of Square Grand Pianos before building their first upright pianos in 1870. Haines Brothers was known for building high quality, lovely sounding instruments and they were very popular for several decades. Their grand and baby grand pianos became popular after the turn-of-the-century. In the 1920's, Sherlock-Manning Piano Company took control of Haines Brothers, building the Haines Brothers brand name until ceasing operations in 1945.


Haines Brothers Piano Catalog 1893 Late 19th Century Illustrated Haines Brothers Piano Catalog, Circa 1893
20th Century Haines Brothers Advertisement Early 20th Century advertisement for the Haines Brothers "Mezzo Grand" baby grand piano, circa about 1930
19th Century Haines Brothers Advertisements 19th Century Advertisements For Haines Brothers Piano Company, New York
Haines Brothers AMPICO Piano Catalog 1924 Early 20th Century Haines Brothers Piano Catalog, Featuring The AMPICO Reproducing Player Piano, Circa 1924
Haines Brother Piano Catalog 1889 Late 19th Century Illustrated Haines Brothers Piano Catalog, Circa 1889


$35,000 After Total Restoration
1889 | For Sale
$40,000 After Total Restoration
1857 | For Sale
$29,000 After Total Restoration
1878 | Sold