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    Gulbransen (Gulbransen - Dickenson Company)

    Established in Chicago in 1904, Gulbransen was a major contributor to the American piano industry in the early 20th Century. Gulbransen produced a full line of upright and grand pianos, but they were likely the largest maker of player pianos in the Pre-Depression era. Their player pianos were labeled 'Gulbransen-Dickenson', as Dickenson was a partner with Gulbransen in their player piano line. Gulbransen claimed that their player pianos were the easiest to pump in the industry – so easy, a baby could do it! After the Great Depression, Gulbransen produced several lines of spinets, consoles and small baby grand pianos. Gulbransen changed ownership several times throughout the 20th Century, and today the name is still being built in electronic keyboards and organs.