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    Gilbert, Timothy

    Timothy Gilbert is one of the oldest and most historical piano makers in American history. Gilbert began building pianos in Boston in about 1829. At the same time, his brother, Lemuel Gilbert, was also building pianos in Boston, although Lemuel left the business for several years during the 1830's. Timothy Gilbert was an innovator in piano design and evolution, building a number of "Cocked Hat" grands and Square Grand Pianos equipped with the "Aeolian" Organ Attachment. In essence, the Aeolian Attachment was a bank of organ reeds that were built into the piano cabinet and couple with the piano keys to give both piano and organ accompaniment at the same time. The organ was powered by the pumping of an extra foot pedal. Timothy Gilbert discontinued his piano business in 1868, but his name was used by successors for many years, appearing to cease production in the 1920's era.