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Gibbons & Stone

The Gibbons & Stone Piano Company was established in Rochester, New York in 1866. The firm started out as a large retailer of pianos and musical merchandise, but soon started manufacturing their own instruments under the Gibbons & Stone name. In the 19th Century, the firm specialized in making square grand pianos, but also built a limited number of upright and grand pianos. By the turn-of-the-century they discontinued their square grand piano line and began building player pianos. Gibbons & Stone was known for building very good quality pianos, and they enjoyed a very good reputation. In 1929 the firm was purchased by the Levis Music Store, but Levis went out of business, along with Gibbons & Stone, in 1930 due to the Great Depression.


Gibbons & Stone Advertisement 19th Century Advertisement For The Gibbons & Stone Piano Company, Circa 1870
Gibbons & Stone Sales Catalog 1908

Illustrated Sales Catalog For Gibbons & Stone Piano Company, 1908


$35,000 After Total Restoration
1870 | For Sale