Foley & Williams

The Foley & Williams Piano Company was established in Chicago in 1870. Records show that Foley & Williams instruments were actually manufactured by the E.P. Johnson Piano Company of Ottawa, IL. During the 1870's – 1890's, Foley & Williams marketed a large number of parlor organs and chapel organs, as well as pianos. By 1900 most of their organs had been discontinued in favor of piano production. For a brief period around the turn-of-the-century, Foley & Williams sold pianos under the brand name of "Northwestern" and reed organs under the name of "Pipe-Tone". The Foley & Williams pianos & organs we have seen come through our shop have been very elaborate, well made instruments, indicating they were a higher grade, higher priced instrument. Foley & Williams went out of business in 1930 with the Great Depression.


Foley & Williams Advertisements Turn-Of-The-Century Advertisements for the Foley & Williams Piano Company
Northwestern Piano Advertisements Turn-Of-The-Century Advertisements For The "Northwestern" Brand Piano Built By Foley & Williams
Pipe-Tone Organ Advertisements Turn-Of-The-Century Advertisements For The "Northwestern 'Pipe-Tone' Reed Organ" Brand By Foley & Williams Piano Company
Foley & Williams Illustrated Sales Catalog Early 20th Century Illustrated Catalog From The Foley & Williams Piano Company, Circa 1915