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    Fischer, J & C

    The J & C Fischer Piano Company was one of the largest and most successful piano manufacturers of the 19th and 20th Centuries in America. In the 1830's, Robert Nunns was a partner with brothers John & Charles Fischer and their firm was known as Nunns & Fischer. Brothers John & Charles Fischer established the J & C Fischer Piano Company in 1840 in New York City. In 1896, Fischer celebrated the making of their 100,000th piano- at that time they were making about 5,000 pianos annually!


    During the turn-of-the-century era, J & C Fischer was building exceptional pianos and they were widely considered top-quality instruments in the industry. By the Great Depression, like so many other old prominent brands, Fischer was controlled by the Aeolian-American Piano Corporation. Fischer was sold off to various different companies over the middle and late 20th Century, resulting in the Fischer name being produced for over 175 years.