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    Fairbanks (New York)

    The Fairbanks Piano Company of New York (not to be confused with 'Fairbanks' pianos built in California by the Southern California Music Company) was first established in 1880. Fairbanks was a smaller manufacturer, and although the firm enjoyed modest success, they never built pianos in vast numbers as most other New York piano manufacturers. The Fairbanks Piano Company built a full line of upright pianos, player pianos and baby grand pianos, and their instruments were regarded as higher quality, well made instruments. By about 1912, the firm was primarily building upright player pianos, most of which included the renowned 'Standard' player action. Most Fairbanks instruments surviving today are upright player pianos, and they are consistently some of the better made player pianos we see. The Fairbanks Piano Company is last listed in 1927, indicating that the firm was out of business by the time the Great Depression hit.