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The Ellington Piano Company was one of the top brand name pianos built by the famous Baldwin Piano & Organ Company of Cincinnati. Established in 1893, Ellington was a major contributor to the piano industry at large during the first quarter of the 20th Century. Ellington built several lines of high quality yet affordable pianos and player pianos which were sold by the thousands. The Ellington Piano Company went out of business in about 1930 due to the hardships of the Great Depression.

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Ellington Piano Catalog
Ellington Illustrated Piano Sales Catalog, Circa 1925.
Ellington Advertisement
Lovely turn-of-the century advertisement for the Ellington Piano Company
Ellington/Baldwin Sales Catalog
Illustrated Sales Catalog Featuring Baldwin, Howard, Hamilton, Valley Gem, and Ellington Instruments, Circa 1909
Baldwin Player Piano Catalog
Illustrated Sales Catalog Featuring Baldwin, Ellington, Hamilton, and Howard Reproducing Player Pianos, Circa 1920

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Ellington Baby Grand Piano


Ellington was one of the better brand names built and sold by the famous Baldwin Piano Company