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    Doll, Jacob & Sons

    Jacob Doll was one of the larger and more successful piano manufactures of the early 20th Century. Jacob Doll established his firm in 1871, building very high quality upright, square, and grand pianos. Jacob Doll passed away in 1911, and the firm was taken over by his sons, thus forming the Jacob Doll & Sons Piano Company. Due to the huge success of the firm, Jacob Doll & Sons was able to absorb and take control of several other manufacturers during the early 20th Century. Names ultimately controlled by Jacob Doll & Sons included Stodart, Baus, Wellsmore, Briggs, Merrill, Norris & Hyde, Edward Mason and Wentworth. Jacob Doll also built a successful line of coin operated player pianos during the 'teens and 'twenties under the "Electrova" brand name. Jacob Doll & Sons went out of business in 1931 due to the Great Depression.