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    The Doherty name is well known in Canadian Piano & Organ manufacturing history. The firm originally started as “Doherty & Menzies” 1868 as a furniture and music retailer. In 1875, William Doherty begin building organs under the name of W. Doherty & Company in Clinton, Ontario. By 1879 W. Doherty & Company had expanded into two large buildings and were building 100 organs a month. In 1898 the entire Doherty plant burned, and new factories were erected which could produce up to 400 organs a month. With the popularity of the organ quickly waning in favor of the piano, Doherty begin manufacturing pianos in 1905. The firm was renamed “Doherty Piano & Organ Company”. By 1908 the firm was building very few organs, and the firm was renamed “Doherty Piano Company”. In 1913, the firm was once again renamed to “Doherty Pianos, Ltd.” William Doherty retired in 1920 at which time the firm was sold to Canada’s large Sherlock-Manning Company. Sherlock-Manning continued to build