Decker Brothers (New York)

The Decker Brothers Piano Company of New York (not to be confused with Decker Brothers of Chicago or Decker & Son) was famous for being awarded many patents used in modern piano manufacturing. Established in 1862 by John Jacob Decker, Decker Brothers built exceptionally well made grand, square grand, and upright pianos. Sadly, Decker Brothers were out of business before the turn-of-the-century due to the death of John Jacob Decker. Many historians speculate that Decker Brothers would have gone on to become one of the premier piano manufacturers of the 20th Century had Decker survived to manage operations. During the 19th Century, Decker Brothers was in the same league as famous brand names such as Steinway, Chickering, and Knabe.


Decker Brothers Grand Piano Advertisements Late 19th Century advertisements for The Decker Brothers Piano Company
19th Century Symphony Orchestra (Decker Brothers) Mid-19th Century Symphony Orchestra Featuring The Decker Brothers Concert Grand Piano, Circa 1870
Decker Brothers Square Piano Advertisements 19th Century Advertisements For Decker Brothers Piano Company
Decker Brothers Piano Catalog 1 19th Century Decker Brothers Illustrated Piano Sales Catalog, Circa 1873
Decker Brothers Piano Catalog 2 19th Century Decker Brothers Illustrated Piano Sales Catalog, Circa 1887


$35,000 After Total Restoration
1866 | For Sale
$35,000 After Total Restoration
1877 | For Sale